Qingdao Kiggi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.
  - Kiggi C.C. is a comprehensive Marketing and creative company.And our main business are camp/research education, carton communication.
  - The project “Kiggi International Camp Education” is a member of International Camping Fellowship (ICF), and a member of China Camp Education Alliance (CCEA).
  - With 4 years experience in foreign summer/winter campings and 2 years operation experience in summer/winter domestic camping.High quality camps are selected out across the world to provide the children the 1st class camping education.
  - Special courses are designed to meet the education needs of Chinese children, in order each child in the camp can enjoy the pleasure of the study.
  - 2018, Camp Education sector was officially transferred to Kiggi C.C. At the same time, new Camps and new projects are opened all over the world. And also in this year we became the partner of Camp Education Club to develop the camping education in Qingdao under its brand “Qingdao Camp Education”.